MgA. Barbora Trnková
Brno, Czech Republic

Barbora Trnková works with Tomáš Javůrek under common name & at their site



Faculty of fine Arts, University of Technology Brno

PhD. Programme

2010-2011 (erasmus program)

Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano

Department of New Media, Mauro Folci / Bruno Muzzolini / Domenico Quaranta


Faculty of fine Arts, University of Technology Brno

Department of Body Design, Doc. Mgr. Jana Preková / Lenka Klodová 


Faculty of Multimedia communication, The Thomas Bata University Zlin (CR)

Department of advertising photography, Mgr. Jaroslav Prokop 


High school of Art and Design, Brno

Department of Graphic Design



2012 The Rector’s Award, Faculty of Fine Art, BUT;


2012 - now founder and curator of specific experimental net-art space ScreenSaverGallery

2012 - now co-curator of Galerie Umakart





Chat the show! Meet our ArtBots! 

Alžběta Bačíková, Ivars Gravlejs, Marta Fišerová, Lenka Klodová, Karolína Kohoutková, (c) merry, Kateřina Olivová, Martina Růžičková, Matěj Smetana, Anita Somrová

The &ChatShow presents a curator project and group exhibition. In this case, their double role is floating. In curators´ role, they approached ten befriended artists and invited them to take part in a group chat. During their discussion, their roles are even and sometimes they change. They become constructors of the situation, so as the person on the other side. Duration of individual dialogues and the attitudes of approached artists differ in many respects. Some of them use this medium to promote their opinions, others to have an intimate conversation; someone prepared a joyful concept or even tried to state unprecedented form of artistic message. Chats are already finished, but the application retains a feeling of chatting in presence. However, the ArtBot is not Siri. ArtBot doesn´t answer our questions, only elaborates on own answers. Dialogues sometimes feel fragmentary and it seems like the ArtBot was sending them randomly. However, that is not the case. Answers are arranged chronologically in the same order as they were told during live action. Texts, which originate during chatting with audience, can be perceived as literary creation, a script for a play. The &ChatShow attempts to debunk stereotypes of how art and works of art are perceived and to situate them into context of locality, friendship and everyday life situations. And at the same time, it works with attributes of nowadays commonly used communication media, with their intimacy and detachment, their specific temporality, their room for making up contents, linear narrativization, etc.

The exhibition project &ChatShow was originally created for the in in Berlin. In Brno, the &ChatShow was seen at the beginning of this year in the Klubovna gallery, and under the accompanying programme of the Brňenská 16 festival.


"human based text to speech engine”

A video documentation (16:32) about the performance of the app is here:

TextToSpeech - opening the exhibition in OFF/format gallery, Brno 

Obscure motif/2015

Obscure motif 

Web-based app which let You to taste the close relation between our weakness to trust in supernatural (which may solve out our pseudo problems) and the manipulative nature of media. We “exhibited” this work twice locally with hacked wifi router to navigate connected devices just to this site. Unfortunately only the Czech version is now available. We currently work on the translation to another languages that as we hope, would bring more user's trust.


A small AR mobile app which can hide the paintings, videos and photos installed on the gallery walls and reveal what is hidden under them and covered. A short video (2:10) about this app is here: foobar 

Happy New War/2014–now


ScreenSaverGallery is a gallery space with social/cultural responsibility, trying to help the positive transformations of our cultural and informational.

Across the artistic practice we can meet art pieces that somehow act or remind (visually or conceptually) screen savers. At the same time we have such art, which is not thought to be shown in the common galleries, it has to be modified into some type of references or records…




Android (BETA):

AnnaMarie works as a camera. The user can take a picture, but the received picture is different from the taken one. The received picture comes from one of the previous AnnaMarie user.

Originally it was developed for PAF Rewind: Net Art section. The visitors could download it on wireless network installed in the Corpus Christi Chapel. In the Chapel it worked only locally and the received pictures had to be from the same place. Sometimes really subtle differences originated between the taken and received pictures. The space of the Chapel started to be a little bit confused and more fluid.

Later we developed the AnnaMarie app for the global using too.

Generation of the Princesses/2011, 2014 

This project grew up from the image skepticism. In the light of devaluation of the image in general, we developed the web tool for generating the icons – madonnas – princesses – portraits.

We focus on the relationship between a viewer/creator himself and an image. The most interesting is, when a viewer/creator interact with an image based on the scheme of the tree separated spots located like the eyes and mouth.

Black/2012, 2014

BLACK is a long term project that consists, however it is made to not to be clean for the users (the reason see below...), of three parts (at the moment).

TOOL – is the tool for any “obscure” group of people, mainly the exhibition visitors (TOOL was exhibited as an installation at Chrudim/CZ/2011, The House of Art Opava/CZ/2012, České Budějovice/CZ/2012).

It is a web page with a simple form to write down and save the wishes, prayers, texts, whatever the visitor type, and with the overview of the live of this prayers.

APPS – is the web page with downloadable APPS named Mirror, Decider and Window. They offer very useful, simple and a bit ironic functions, and they are playing the role of “trojan horses”.

The APPS users should not know the main function of the apps – praying as a background process (daemon). These apps are distributed around the world (via e.g. Softpedia), and they instantly download the list of prayers (from the TOOL database) to be secretly “memorized”. The APPS are programmed as “run on startup” applications.

VOICE –  is an exploit-like part which sometimes allows user to see and get some parts of the hidden and delicate content. Due to the preservation of the overuse and sharing, the webpage is open only in a specific time and place context. At the darkness nights over the year.

The reason for separating these parts has a root in the purpose of the artwork and its hypothesis. It is not possible to see the power of mechanized will, if the human will is not excluded.

However this experiment includes some people who know all about every functions, the main experimental group – computers of the APPS users – should be the largest one. The third group of users, VOICE users are comparative group of the computers of apps users (they usually need a huge will to see the content, however the reminder service is included).

How long does the BLACK have to work until the monks and nuns in the monasteries will be free to stop their praying for the world peace and human goodness?

Actual number of prayers is 355, total time of praying is 6.644 days and 10 hours (supercomputer time, all instances together), actual number of praying ones is 21 and total number of prayed prayers is 5.740.783.750.

Initially it was a simple question grown up in the relation mainly with technology issues: Who is praying in the situation when a Buddhist monk is using his praying wheel? Is it really the monk or can it be the wheel itself? What will remain if we try to mechanize the "will"?

With this project, the mechanization of the activities, which are normally considered as the indelible part of human history and culture is tested.

BLACK is a kind of service which offers to take a part in re-articulation of our reality. This utopian reality, from the BLACK point of view, can be manipulated via the endless loop of writing some kind of data to the computer memory. This cycle creates specific structure of the electromagnetic fields within each computer and its “resonation – quantity” gives the power or sense to the data message and “writes” it directly to the cosmos with all dependencies. According to the speculative theory of morphic fields by Rupert Sheldrake we test this possibility within the inorganic compound.

The name and the base of BLACK comes from the Vilém Flusser’s Black Box idea. (An Input - written prayers, Output - the overview and the Black Box - applications and VOICE.)


ChatShow, mobile app, GalerieArt, Brno, 2017

Nice Shot, mobile app, software art, Galerie Etc.. Praha, 2017

ProblemGenerator®, mobile app, software art, Industra Art, Brno, 2017

AnnaMarie for Leap second,, online, 2017

ChatShow, Galerie Klubovna, Brno, 2017

ChatShow, Router Gallery, Berlin, DE, 2016

HeavyMetal, MakeMake, CZ, 2016

Svitava (Divý Tvor), webová galerie ATD, 2016

Pololoader, Vitrínka Deniska, Olomouc, 2015

Temný motif, Galerie Krása, Brno, 2015

TextToSpeech, OFF/Format, Brno, 2015

foobar, Curriculum vitae, Galerie Ars, Brno, 2015

Globální Struktura Vesmíru (e-book Jan Mazanc), Makemake, Brno, 2015

HappyNewWar (web based happening), Galerie Krása, Kino Art, Brno, 2014

Click To Save Image, webová galerie ATD, 2014

BlackVoice (web based happening), Alotrium (Expanded performance), Galerie TIC, Brno, 2014

ScreenSaverGallery (instalace, prezentace), PAF 2013, Konvikt Univerzity Palackého v Olomouci, Olomouc, 2013

ScreenSaverGallery (projekt) srovnává umění se screensaverem, 2013

Vesmíru věř (kniha a wifi instalace s aplikací), Kraj-jinné mezee, Galerie města Blanska, Blansko, 2013

Open Goal (instalace, text) Anne Frank Memorial, Brno, 2013

Monument (instalace, software, text) Na houby/forJohn Cage, Galerie Cella, Opava, 2012

AnnaMarie (happening s wifi a mobilní aplikací), PAF 2012, Kaple Božího těla, Olomouc, 2012

Ranní setkání (instalace, modlící se aplikace), Dům Umění, Opava, 2012

Ráno raníčko panna vstala II - interpretace Toyen (instalace), Androgynekologie, Galerie VŠUP Praha, 2012

Modlič-Mluvič (interaktivní instalace), Rund Licht, Galerie D9, České Budějovice, 2012

Motivo Astratto (instalace), Díra Výstavní, Chrudim, 2011

Romance (video), PLUGIN, videoarte come comunicazione, Brescia, Italy, 2011

Generace Princezen (akce), Sun Wu Kunhg festival, Starý Mlýn, Červeněves, 2011

Generace Princezen (akce), Floating face of FaVU, Meet Factory, Praha, 2011

Romance (video), Floating face of FaVU, Meet Factory, Praha, 2011

Romance (video)- remake filmu "Zidane: portrét 21. stol." od Gordona a Parrena, Kino Voyer, Dům Umění, Brno, 2011

Ráno raníčko panna vstala - interpretace Toyen (instalace, akce), Stovka za hodinu, Galerie v Divusu Praha, 2011

LaskujMe! (instalace a happening), Terror, Galerie Aula, Brno, 2011

Letní motiv (side, time specific happening), Galerie Umakart, Brno, 2010

Houba (side specific instalace), Kuřata šedá díra, Zbrojovka Půl, Brno, 2010

Přednáška o fotografii (happening), Pecha Kucha, Těchobuz, 2010

Zimní motiv (side, time specific instalace), Galerie Umakart, Brno, 2010

In Fire (instalace), Přistiženi v ohni, Galerie Starý Pivovar, Brno, 2010

Čekání (počítačová hra), Secunda Materia, Kunstatska -3, Brno, 2009

Incident (situace, text), Kontejnery Umeni, festival Next Wave, Praha, 2009

Sekvence (video, smyčka), Kontejnery Umění Sochy v Ulicích, DU, Brno 2009