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Morning Meeting (2012)

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installation, prayering web applications
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek, Vladimír Veselý, Radek Lát

Im interested in the topic of praying machine, because I want to analyze aspects of photography and its functions.
It's known, that the reality is manipulated by photography. Bud we can also say, that the relationship between reality and photography is neutral. In fact, that the manipulation is made by our interpretation of photography. The change of the reality can be realized just in the dialog between photography and reality.
Can it be, that the mechanization change into the will? Does it prays praying mill or the buddhistic monk, who rotates the mill? If he believes into it enough? Or is it enough if believes who watch the monk with his mill? I or You?
The computers from he place A are "praying" the prayers from the place B.

With Tomáš Javůrek we collaborated with Vladimír Veselý and Radek Lát to create the tool for Game which offer us an opportunity to re-articulate our reality on the base of the revision of our faith.

Computers of people from the place A are "prayering" prayers of people from the place B. B-people have device, the apparatus similar to a camera. They can upload their prayer into it. Their input vanish in Black-Box. A-people can download Handglass, Decider and Window into their computer (link) and that is how their computers start to memorize prayers of B-people (to pray as a prayer wheel). B-people see the output, more precisely the reference to the output (as photography is). This reference asks an interpretation - a projection.(link). It's possible, that this projection deforms, really wraps reality. Bud it's also possible, that this function do computers themselves.

Photodocumentation of the installation at the House of Art in Opava (with Lenka Klodová). Screenshot of the web page(link). An example of the function of the application Decider.
Screenshot of the balance sheet of prayers, preyering ones.(link).
+ photo of realisation crew: Tomáš Javůrek, Vladimír Veselý, Barbora Trnková, Radek Lát (photo: Jan Trnka)

Motivo astratto

Prayer-Speaker (2012)

installation, projection
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

Prayer-Speaker is made from two parts. From Prayer- monitor with keyboard, where visitors can type their prayers, they can pray. And from the Speaker- which is the projection of whitte letters of the prayers written into Prayer. The sentences are projectet running so fast, that You can not reed them. The projected picture is located in the room to make a mirror efect (with help of marble floor) as water surface.

This efect of mechanical, magical repeating of the words form the prayers naturally fixes the visitors look, than he is staring into the fire. I think, that it is possible, that this staring activates the prayers...

We are creating the picture of an automatization of only human(?) mental activity. Fast-food-prayer.
Prayer-Speaker followes th projects Generation of princesess, Motivo Astratto and Černá.

an example from the installation Prayer-Speaker exhibited at the G9 gallery in České Budějovice, 2012, (photo: Petr Brožka)

Generace Princezen
Generace Princezen
Generace Princezen

Generace Princezen (2011)

interactive web imstallation

Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

Web tool for generating the icons – Madonnas – princesses. The virtual Daemon of the painter Pavla Kantorová. This collaborative project grew up from the picture skepticism. In the light of devaluation the picture in general, we developed this tool for generating the icons – Madonnas – princesses. Source data for generating are kind of magic – the name and favorite color of any person. The value of human (machine) creativity multiply the possibility of purchasing generated picture.

an example of the application, the way of generating picture and the generated picture

Motivo Astratto
Motivo Astratto
Motivo Astratto

Motivo Astratto (2011)

instalace, webová aplikace
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

If You would be walking through any town with Your old customs, although to learn the new ones wasn't advised, or the change for some reason didn't tach You, probably there would by deadness. No people, no cars, no advertisements, and billboards. No shops, either restaurants. Perhaps some animals, bud Im not sure.
You would hear noise, maybe. You would see a lots of buildings, with no hidden reason of their existence. And You would feel wormer air temperature, than before. How the sky would look like, we do not know, we are even not able to try to imagine it. We have no experience with it. Today, of course, its beautiful. Full of stars and galaxies, which we can visit. Its so naughty! Its hard today to not to must to do something, bud we are trying to.
It was good, that at the beginning the databases of fine art galleries have started. It would be hard today to orientate in it. At the beginning the rich kept it in their hands. It was luck, that it lasted till they had power. Only the really rich and strong religions survived, only those, which had their ideas strong enough, and which sold their property quick enough. We know today, that it was good way. The reality started to seem to be softer and more liquid, than it seemed before. The reality approached the sense of the dream and some really good marketing strategies even exceed it. The dream turned its way. It wasn't so easy to change it.
At the begging we didn't know where are the borders, bud later we become able to recognize them. Only the rest of man today is not so quality as before. Man full time busy. the number of subjects which are dealing on the dominant platform is still growing. You would say its the end of age, and maybe You are right. The time vanished. It all brought a lot of problems, bud we were prepared enough. Well, numbers of us were. The others went med. Those, who didn't want to follow the new rules, denied fatal death, and so they are living, dying and arising in desert forever.

an example of the application, photo from the exhibition Motivo Astratto at the widow gallery Díra výstavní in Chrudim, 2011

Ráno raníčko panna vstala (2011)

playfull installation
Barbora Trnková

Ráno, raníčko panna vstala (Morning, early morning the virgin got up) is an interpretation of a print with the same name made by Czech surrealist artist Toyen.

Visitor can see the especial autoportraits of Kateřina only with help of special glowes and footware with mirrors on them.

Ideal visitor is in the middle= between piggies and the frog.

an example from the exhibiton Sovka za hodinu at the Divus gallery , Praha, 2011


LaskujMe! (2011)

interactive installation,
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

How to access the "meta" level of real space? We executed a local wireless network in gallery, thus created an access hole to the "meta" gallery. Well, what do You want to do there? We developed basis for the strange communication game.

screenshot of smartphone and advertisment made for an exhibition Terror at Aula Gallery , Brno, 2011


Romance (2011)

video, collage, remake of film Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait made from Douglas Gordon Philippe Parreno.
Barbora Trnková

The borders of our concurrence. Im asking myself one question, and using halftime of the football match. The inertia of listening the narrator. The cheep confrontation. The romantic gesture. The attempt to face to it, provoke him, changing our positions, replacing, evolve the contexts, while doing manicure.
I wantet to be closer to the beginnings, searching for the places Between, which can make You feel a bit sick, and then I consider, that the wishes are the very special sign of existence. You are pushed immediately into the special place.
I can thing about the fairy theory that there exists a big space filled by wishes created by everybody, and that is the potentiality. When I stayed a while with the wishes I saw, that they are mostly absurd or comical, often contradictional, the sentences, which we are use to say seriously as a wish does not really make sense.
With this movie Im trying to play with the situation of watching somebody deeply concentrate, than of creating thoughts with reading my sentences (sentences of somebody, who saw the film before), and of the place between, where the viewer is. Everything in the same time...Im searching for the borders of our concurrence.
To reuse an already made art piece has an innocent reason. I have no money to film so nicely a player, and it is a long time my fascination and topic...the extreme situation of the man, boy, sportsman inside the game. It is also my interpretation of the theory of postproduction by Nicollas Burriaud (and the authors of the Zidane's portrait are in his book mentioned): the same way how there exist the cloud of wishes above our head, there is the index of everything including the art pieces, which can be anytime reused, resampled, changed for a new moment of them.

frames and short example from video-collage Romance, 2011


Spunge (2010)

Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

The side-specific, interactive installation inside the old factory Zbrojovka in Brno, exposed on the action KuřataŠedáDíra.
We created the tower from the material founded in the factory. The tower in the room had the power to absorb space around it, and place it changed beck into the room. There existed one special point in the room, where You had chance to see the digital picture of Yourself in three dimensions, and non reversal.

photodocumentation from the exhibition Kuřatašedádíra, Zbrojovka Půl, Brno, 2010


Winter motif (2010)

Time-site-specific installation
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

Statue. We created the fake of fine frozen glaze on the window of the gallery in winter time.

photodocumentation from teh exhibition Winter motif, Umakart Gallery, Brno, 2010


Summer motif (2010)

Side-Time-specific action
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek

Side-Time-specific, simultaneous Installation/action in the area of Umakart Gallery. Thinking about an article as well as about the other things.
We created 12 cups with the pictures of the phases of the sunset, with particular time and date of the phase, and with our signature on the bottom. During two hours of this sunset, the assistant was trying to clerk this cups each per special, time-specific price: The most expensive one, was the cup with the picture of simultaneous phase of sunset on the sky above. When the sun turned to the other phase of sunset displayed on the other cup, this actual one become the most expensive, and the old one was taken under the sale.

photodocumentation from the action Sumer motif, Umakart Gallery, Brno, 2010


In Fire (2010)

Site-specific installation
Barbora Trnková

My three objects - rounded mirrors inflicte dialogs between the artworks exposed in the same gallery room. They mapp the room, and replace part of one pice into another one, all in real, natural time. My little lights from mirrors force other people's works to communicate between themselves. This work continues to reflect photography and its parts, as well as the understanding and behaving at the exposition in gallery space.

photodocumentation comes from the exhibition Přistiženi v ohni at Starý pivovar Gallery, Brno, 2010


Laziness (2010)

Site-specific akction
Barbora Trnková

I would be searching the beginning in the meeting, which is based on the agreement and openness. The desire for the light in the dark, for cleansing connect us. I know, that she will not exist without me, and I would not become evident without her. Standing at the two opposite sites, she seems to me to be a medium. Showing me a path through herself. She is waiting also, that will see herself inside me. She is asking.
We are oscillating together on attractive border of the acceptance and eligibility. My role is not define yet. I confess, that it is not necessarily to say who is author. Everything, what is important happens in area between us. Starting dialog opens the space of reality. She wants to be exact, bud there is the possibility of a mistake, possibility of misunderstanding, the possibility of life of another possibility. Maybe we will long for vicious little lights.

It is the situation of an playful game arise from my emergent language.
I use to say, that it can be seen as a translation of reeding the picture into the action. I use the mirrors metaphorically, Im replacing myself with the spectator. We are entering a tunnel together, which is characterized by awaiting. I would like to welcome You to go through the strange area "between" with me.

documentation comes from the defence of my bachelor artwork, FaVU VUT, Brno, 2010


Fairy / Ignes fatui / Piggies (2010)

installaton, projection
Barbora Trnková

I am three times at one moment.
I am even more times at this moment.
I can be multiplet on three places, and its not confusing at all. It is artless and almost comfortable.
I know how to be imaginary many times continuing so long, that I can only feel it. All crane, become thiner and thiner and the empty places starts to grow from it.
This empty places are black holes, keypoints of my interest.

The work is based on my experience in dream.

I made collages first (Fairy), where I tried to pick up the space with my new view.
Then I tryed to paly with multiplyed confrontation of this collages with real space (Ignes fatui). Here can be found the concrete place of meeting myself and my opposite part, partner with whom Im dreaming the same dream at one moment.
3rd level (Piggies) is self-ironic game with the reflection effect of common mirrors in the dark room.

My special diorama of perception and understanding.
Play as the pure happiness coming from appearing and manipulating the image made from the interaction with somebody else.

examples of the work


Why Light decided to look at itself ... (2009)

installation, projection
Barbora Trnková

The sequence of short meditation videos, studies of lights, arranged in a row.
The theme of light, I got as photographer who feels a need to explore and identify the characteristics of various aspects of photography. After experiences with implementation of these sequences, become the Light here a major topic of interest and creativity for me.


Waiting (2009)

computer game
Barbora Trnková, Anežka Smejkalová, Tomáš Javůrek

Computer game about feminism, work with text and time.
By pressing the red button, player learns one waiting, than following waiting is waiting for another press of button by player.
Press and wait for further layer which transmits the message, wait for the next connection, the mantra chants, then the winner will get another poetic text.

screenshot of the application


Incident (2009)

Game, istallation, text
Barbora Trnková, Anežka Smejkalová

The incident is a challenge to meet. Literature transferred to the communicative sphere, guad.
In tandem with Anežka Smejkalová solve installation text in public space.
Translation of Light into the text.

photodocumentation from the action at The Containers of art (PQ), Praha, 2009

Rej, Houp (2009)

video, installation
Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Hodbod

Installation of the videos (created at this time on workshop in Lištiny SK) at the church in Skalice (SK).
An important part of the installation was the Swing - 30 m long.
Visitor had the chance to be moving inside the area of whole church and the space of the videos exposed there. All perceiving from the view of the very special movment of the Swing.
Site-specific installation of video-picture as an ectsazy laburnum.

examples from the work

Slideshow (2008)

video in loop, interactive installation
Barbora Trnková

Video is possible to stop and play.

The theme here, is the area constitutes from the tunnel of light between projector and projectet picture. This pictures are photos from my childhood. Im entering this tunnel and have an conversation with the coloured light, Im trying to modify it.

The no finished arranged into inventory give us a selection, and the value of each picture is dependent on its surroundings. This kontext can be solid and autonomous.

en example of the work

Krása (2007)

13 min.
Anděla Oščádalová, Anežka Smejkalová, Alžběta Filipová, Barbora Trnková.

intimate portrait of Anděla, Anežka, Alžběta, and Barbora

an examples of the work